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Hello there, I'm Anjanie, and I'm here to share with you a story that's tightly woven with the threads of determination, aspiration, and the pursuit of dreams. 



As a child of immigrants, I intimately understand the potential of hope and opportunity. Hailing from the impoverished landscape of Guyana in South America, my mother, with a four-year-old me in tow, set out on a journey to the bustling heart of New York City. Her dreams for a better life and a heart brimming with hope were the driving forces behind this move. For me, her youngest, this transition meant a chance to experience the education that so many in our homeland could only yearn for.

A Journey of Nostalgia: From Idyllic Homestead to New Horizons


Setting out on a journey that leaves behind the comfort of familiarity is a blend of excitement, eagerness, caution and fear. As I stepped onto the path that led me to America, I left behind a world that had left its mark on my heart – a world of dirt roads and cows, of free roaming chickens and goats and bountiful fruit trees that bore the sweetest gifts. My childhood was painted with the vibrant hues of golden sunshine, crimson blooms and the lush greens of nature. In the forests, I would often gather wild strawberries, nature's hidden treasures, while making my way to my grandparents' warm abode. Nights were alive with the symphony of countless frogs, and fragrant flower trees adorned every corner, filling the air with their enchanting scent. These memories became the mosaic of my days in Guyana, a tapestry woven from life's simplest joys.

However, as the winds of change carried me across oceans and continents, the pages of my life turned, revealing new chapters. The beckoning land held both promises and uncertainties, forcing me to let go of the world I had known so intimately and loved so deeply. With every step, I left behind not only the landscapes of my homeland but also a part of my heart. Amidst the excitement of this new land, a silent ache reverberated within me – the ache of leaving behind the idyllic existence that formed my foundation. Yet, the heart has an incredible ability to carry memories across borders and time zones. The warmth of family embraces, the cheerful chirping of birds, the gentle rustle of leaves, and the aromatic embrace of flowers – these memories remained imprinted on my soul.

This dramatic shift in lifestyle and environment was not without its share of pain. The transition brought forth significant trauma that cast a long shadow over my life that led to years of mental health challenges, a journey through numerous valleys of uncertainty and vales of the mind. And yet, amidst these trials emerged a spirit of resilience, a testament to our capacity to heal and triumph over adversity.


My short experience as a toddler in Guyana was nothing less than idyllic.

A New World: America and the Gift of Education


Stepping onto American soil at the tender age of four marked the beginning of a voyage that would navigate the intricacies of a new world, influenced by the magic of education. The timing was certainly serendipitous – I found myself in a kindergarten classroom, embracing an American education that would eventually become the cornerstone of my future. Excelling in academics throughout elementary and middle school, I even managed to skip my freshman year of high school.

My story took an unexpected twist as I navigated the maze of high school, a journey marked by academic excellence but full of silent, isolating personal battles. With no guiding light to illuminate my path, I graduated high school without concrete plans for college. Yet, within me, a spark was ignited – a fire that drove me to apply to Pace University just weeks before classes commenced. This decision became a moment that forever altered my life's course, leading me down a path guided by determination, perseverance, and an unwavering pursuit of education.

Venturing into the world of Economics during my college years marked just the beginning of a journey that would lead to unexpected paths, full of opportunities and personal growth. As I delved into the complexities of economic theories and market dynamics, little did I know that my true calling was quietly taking shape in the background.

Throughout college, I confronted challenges and made sacrifices that might have broken a weaker spirit. Balancing both work and classes, I carved a path lit only by sheer willpower. Even so, as I graduated with a degree in Business Administration, a persistent sense of unfulfillment lingered – a nagging feeling that I had missed out on the very essence of college life: the camaraderie, the intellectual debates, and the vibrant campus experience.

With the passage of time, the realization of what I had missed grew increasingly acute. The college experience is designed to be a symphony of exploration, learning, and growth – a beautiful blend of academic pursuits and personal passions. It's a period for forging friendships through shared experiences, fervently exchanging ideas, and discovering potential adventures around every campus corner. However, for me, the college experience had assumed a different form. My dedication over the years had definitely borne fruit – my degree stood as a testament to that, but nevertheless, an undeniable longing endured for the college experience that informed guidance and meticulous planning might have offered.

Mom grammie.png

My mom and I heading to my high school graduation.


My college ID. I personified bright eyed and hopeful!

Empowering Excellence: Navigating Academia to Administrative Brilliance


While my academic pursuits were centered around Economics, it was the realm of administration that caught my attention. As I continued my studies, I found myself drawn to roles that demanded meticulous organization, staunch efficiency, and strategic planning. These skills, which had always resonated with me, found their home in the administrative field.

In the midst of textbooks and lectures, I set out on a parallel journey in the corporate world. I stepped into administrative roles that not only aligned with my academic aspirations but also allowed me to harness my innate talents. It was as if the universe had mapped out a course that led me to utilize my organizational talent and knack for efficient processes to bring tangible improvements to the financial companies I worked for.

As the years passed, I didn't just climb the ladder of administrative positions – I soared. The roles I took on expanded in scope and responsibility, gradually placing me in the inner circles of some of the world's most prominent multinational corporations. From executive assistant to being the right hand of CEOs and Titans of Industry, I often found myself at the epicenter of decision-making and strategic initiatives.

The skills that had initially intrigued me – organization, efficiency, and planning – evolved into my guiding stars. They allowed me to bring order to chaos, streamline complex operations, and drive results that were not just impactful but transformative. I was more than an administrative professional; I was a catalyst for change. 


Emma filling in for mommy at work.

Unveiling the Passion: From Administrative Virtuoso to Author


Amid the bustling corridors of corporate landscapes there was always an ember burning within me – a passion for the written word. Little did I know that this passion, quietly nurtured over the years, would one day transform into an incredible chapter of my journey.

As I navigated the realm of administrative roles, I found that my aptitude for organization and planning went hand in hand with another talent that had always been my loyal companion: writing. Drafting letters that conveyed messages with precision, shaping reports that told compelling stories, and crafting newsletters that engaged and informed – these tasks were not just tasks for me; they were the canvas upon which I could paint my thoughts and ideas.

But beneath the surface of daily duties, a secret dream had taken root and flourished. For almost five decades, I had nurtured a desire to become an author. It was a yearning that resonated in the quiet moments, a dream that I held close even as I climbed the corporate ladder. The allure of expressing myself through words, of sharing insights and stories, had always called out to me.

And then, like the turning of a page, the dream that had lingered in the background suddenly burst forth into reality. The catalyst for this transformative moment was the loss of my most recent role, an experience that left me feeling exploited and unappreciated despite my unrelenting dedication. It was as if the universe was sending me a message – the time had come to embrace my dream, to pursue the path that had been waiting for me all along. 

With that, I embarked on a new chapter, one where I traded the rigid confines of corporate environments for the vast expanse of creative expression. The embers of passion that I had nurtured over the years were now ablaze, guiding me toward my true calling. The role of an author, which had remained a quiet whisper in the corners of my heart, had finally taken center stage.


Me in Spain in a contemplative moment. I always knew there was an unfulfilled passion within me.

Empowering Your Journey: Unveiling Destination College for High School Success


It was a conversation with my daughter Emma about the demands of college prep and applications that set my mind ablaze. Fueled by her insight and the maternal desire to provide her with the guidance I lacked, I set out on a mission to create a resource that would illuminate the path to higher education for her and countless other teenagers. Thus, Destination College: A Four-Year Plan for High School Students was born.  

Destination College isn't just about college applications; it's about shaping a four-year journey that's brimming with potential. The steps I took without guidance, you won't have to navigate alone. With meticulous research and unwavering determination, I crafted this book to empower you with the knowledge, tools, and insights to build your own path to your dream school.

Within its pages, you'll find the wisdom of hindsight, the advice I wish I had received, and a roadmap that ensures you never feel alone on your own journey. The road ahead will demand dedication and resilience, but it's one paved with opportunity and fulfillment. You're not just choosing a college – you're forging your future.

Through the book, I hope to empower you with the insights, knowledge, and guidance that I wish I had possessed during my own collegiate journey. My story is interwoven with the belief that every student deserves a roadmap to success – one that move beyond pure academics and incorporates the vibrancy of campus life, the depth of personal growth, and the understanding that education extends beyond the classroom walls.

As you flip through the pages, envision the college journey that lies ahead. Imagine a path lit by foresight, armed with a wealth of information, and fortified by robust planning. I want to ensure that your journey is not one of longing for what could have been, but a journey of embracing the moments and opportunities that college life offers.

From the echoes of my missed opportunities rises the resolve to guide you towards a path of fulfillment, success, and the authentic essence of the college experience. Let Destination College serve as your compass, your confidante, and your roadmap to making the most of these crucial years. As you stand at the threshold of a new world, I want to ensure that you step forward with a clear vision, a sense of purpose, and the knowledge that you are well-equipped to embark on the journey of a lifetime.

mediamodifier_image (8)_edited.png

A dream realized.

Threads of Transformation: Embracing Dreams, Embracing Purpose


As I set out on this journey of authorship, I am reminded of the power of dreams and the significance of timing. The threads of my life, from administrative expert to burgeoning author, have woven a tapestry that speaks to the depths of perseverance and the beauty of embracing one's true calling. It is a journey that has been shaped by every letter written, every report meticulously crafted, and every dream cherished.

I invite you to join me as I explore the pages of not just my books, but also the story of a life transformed by passion and purpose. The pursuit of dreams may be accompanied by challenges, but it is also marked by the exciting promise of fulfillment. As I step into the realm of authorship, I'm here to share my story, inspire your journey, and remind you that every dream has its time.

As I now venture into the realm of writing and mentoring, my story serves as a reminder that our journeys are often woven from diverse threads. From academic studies to administrative endeavors, from corporate boardrooms to crafting insightful resources, every step has led me here – to a place where I can guide and inspire others to forge their unique paths toward success.

So, here's to embracing the possibilities, conquering the challenges, and crafting a journey that transcends limits. Your dreams are boundless, and Destination College is your compass. Let's embark on this transformative journey together.


Emma and I during one of our last vacations together before she departs for her own collegiate journey.

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