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Student Coaching

Empowering Success: Unlocking Potential, One Student at a Time

  • 45 min
  • 65 US dollars
  • New York

Service Description

Destination College Coaching: Transforming High School Journeys into College Success. My new coaching service is inspired by the comprehensive roadmap presented in 'Destination College.' I provide students with a personalized, step-by-step guide through their high school years, focusing on the crucial aspects of a well-rounded college application. This service includes: **Self-Reflection and Goal Setting:** Assisting students in discovering their passions and defining their academic and career objectives. **Academic Planning:** Advising on course selection, AP classes, and enrichment opportunities to enhance academic profiles. **Extracurricular Involvement:** Encouraging leadership roles, club participation, sports, and community service to build a compelling extracurricular portfolio. **Standardized Test Preparation:** Offering strategies for SAT, ACT, and other tests, emphasizing study methods and time management. **Scholarships and Financial Aid Guidance:** Helping students understand financial options and maximize funding opportunities. **College Research Support:** Assisting in conducting thorough research on potential colleges and universities. **Application Process Assistance:** Aiding in the creation of persuasive personal statements, resumes, and recommendation letters. **Interview Preparation:** Training students in interview techniques to ensure a confident and positive impression. **Exploration of Alternative Paths:** Guiding students through options like trade schools, gap year programs, and other non-traditional routes. This service, enriched with interactive exercises and real-life student stories, is your supportive companion in navigating the complexities of the college application process, ensuring every aspect is thoughtfully addressed for optimal success."

Contact Details

  • New York, NY, USA


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